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Mikrotik RouterBoard RB951G-2HnD


As of 11/2015, OpenWrt Chaos Calmer and Trunk will boot this routerboard, but the built-in GigE ports will not work, a simple patch is necessary to make them work. This applies to boards with Rev 3 of the Atheros AR9344 SOC (this is the revision currently sold). Reports from the web indicate that older versions of the board may be working without a patch.

router# dmesg | grep AR9344
[    0.000000] SoC: Atheros AR9344 rev 3  

The new version (rev 3, requires patch) can apparently be distinguished from the old version (rev 2, works out-of-the-box) by the MAC address. The old one starts with D4:CA:6D, while the new one starts with 4C:5E:0C.

See for reports about the patch.


CPU CPU Speed RAM (MB) NAND (MB) Serial Flash Ethernet Switch PoE port Wireless USB UART JTAG
AR9344 600 MHz 128 (2x W9751G6KB-25) 128 (1x TC58DVG02D5TA00-ND) MX25L512E Atheros AR8327 (10M/100M/1000M) 1-in (2000mA) (7w) AR9344-DC3A 1x 2.0 1x onboard 1x onboard

Sister product: rb951ui

The RB951G-2hnd differs from its sister board RB951Ui-2HnD in that it has 5 * GigE instead of 5 * FE ports. The 5 GigE ports are provided via an AR8327 GigE switch chip that is also used in larger routers such as the RB2011-UiAS-2HnD-IN. The 5 FE ports on the RB951Ui-2HnD are inside the AR9344 SOC, they are unused/not-conneced on the RB951G-2hnd. The GigE ports from the AR8327 do not only have the GigE speed benefit, but that chip also has better feature support than the FE ports on the AR9344. For example port mirroring and counters. See swconfig CLI command and Luci configuration in OpenWrt).

On the downside, as of 11/2015, the OpenWrt support for the internal GigE port on the AR9344 connecting to the AR8327 is the problem why an additional patch to OpenWrt is required that is not needed for the RB951Ui-2HnD.


Please refer to Common Procedures for Mikrotik RouterBoard Products.

11/2015: If you have a Rev 3 of AR9344, booting OpenWrt (eg: from initramfs) will not bring up the GigE ports correctly. If this happens, you need to compile and use a 14.07, 15.05 or trunk version of OpenWrt with the following patch applied:

See for reports about the patch.

The author of this wiki text recommends to use value 0x6f000000 instead of 0x3e000000 in the patch (throughput tests showed slightly higher values on the GigE ports with that value).

Example VLAN configuration for switch ports

In /etc/config/network, add these lines to enable the switch, and create 2 vlan interfaces (eth1.11 and eth1.12). The first for ports 5 and 4, and the later for ports 3 and 2. Port 1 on the router is eth0.

config switch 'eth1'
      option enable '1'
      option enable_vlan '1'
config switch_vlan
      option device 'eth1'
      option vlan '11'
      option vid '11'
      option ports '0t 1 2'
config switch_vlan
      option device 'eth1'
      option vlan '12'
      option vid '12'
      option ports '0t 3 4'

References (HowTo on Russian) is not working since ~2015, the following URL will not work anymore, but you may be interested in URLs pointing to it for the history of dev. on this routerboard.

Board Layout Images


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