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Seagate GoFlexHome

Supported Versions

Model OpenWrt Version Supported Model Specific Notes
Seagate GoFlexHome trunk @ r45647
Seagate GoFlexHome 15.05.1 No green led working NIC / data partition (mtd3) does not seem to be 216 MiB(see serial installation wiki (french side) + command df -h)

If you can confirm that OpenWrt is running on this device (i.e. you or someone else has tested it), please update the data accordingly. → Click View/Edit data


CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
Marvell Kirkwood@1200MHz 128 MiB 256 MiB 1 gigE 1x 2.0 Yes Yes



Architecture: ARM armv5te
Vendor: Marvell
Bootloader: U-Boot
System-On-Chip: Marvell MV88F6281 A0 (DDR2) with ARM926EJ-S CPU (Marvell Feroceon)
CPU Speed: 1200 Mhz
Flash size: 256 MiB
RAM: 128 MiB
Wireless: n/a
Ethernet: 1x GigE port / Marvell "Alaska" 88E1116R
USB: 1x USB 2.0 port
Serial: Yes

Flash Layout

Original FlashLayout
mtd# mtd0 mtd1 mtd2 mtd3
start 0x000000 0x100000 0x500000 0x2500000
size 0x100000 0x400000 0x2000000 0xdb00000
in MiB 1 4 32 219
name u-boot uImage root data
file system none ??? JFFS2 ??

Specific Configuration


The default network configuration is:

Interface Name Description Default configuration
eth0 Ethernet port DHCP

Crypto Hardware Acceleration


Connect device to Ethernet port. To prevent automatic updates by cloud engines (which may disable ssh access), use a separate switch or disconnect your router from the internet. If the ssh access was disabled by the automatic cloud engine update service, you need to login there and re-activate ssh.

Find IP address, BE and EF are the last two bytes of the MAC of your device (printed on the bottom of the GoFlexHome)

root@host ~ # ifconfig eth0 
root@host ~ # nmap -e eth0 -sP $(printf "169.254.%d.%d" 0xbe 0xef)

Connect to IP address via ssh (root / stxadmin) to see if it works.


If you want to restore the original firmware at a later point use this guide to make a backup. You need to login to the original firmware via ssh first. Another method beside using "dd" is nanddump. To be on the safe side, you should take a 2nd backup with the nanddump method. Assuming you have a USB Stick or other USB drive mapped via sda - you can try this:

cd /tmp
mkdir backup
mount /dev/sda1 /tmp/backup
chmod +x nanddump
./nanddump -nf backup/mtd0 /dev/mtd0
./nanddump -nf backup/mtd1 /dev/mtd1
./nanddump -nf backup/mtd2 /dev/mtd2
umount /dev/sda1

Install OpenWrt into NAND via serial cable and tftp-server

Hit any key to stop autoboot in the uboot and set goflexhome ip, tftp-server ip, set your mac-address from bottom of the machine:

setenv ipaddr ''
setenv serverip ''
setenv ethaddr '00:10:75:xx:xx:xx'

download from tftp-server file openwrt-kirkwood-goflexhome-uImage to RAM start offset 0x6400000

tftp 0x6400000 openwrt-kirkwood-goflexhome-uImage
Bytes transferred = 1266344 (1352a8 hex) ← this number is needed for nand write

erase nand start from 0x200000 size 0x300000

nand erase 0x200000 0x300000
write nand from RAM start offset 0x6400000 to nand start 0x200000 size 0x1352a8
nand write.e 0x6400000 0x200000 0x1352a8

download from tftp-server file openwrt-kirkwood-goflexhome-jffs2-128k.img to RAM start offset 0x6400000

tftp 0x6400000 openwrt-kirkwood-goflexhome-jffs2-128k.img
Bytes transferred = 1837056 (1c0800 hex) ← this number is needed for nand write

erase nand start from 0x500000 size 0xfb00000

nand erase 0x500000 0xfb00000
write nand from RAM start offset 0x6400000 to nand start 0x500000 size 0x1c0800
nand write.e 0x6400000 0x500000 0x1c0800
reboot device


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