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Simpletech Simpleshare

The SimpleShare works great with OpenWrt Backfire.

Howto Install

  1. Flash the SimpleShare with any version of the original firmware that has telnet enabled. (1.07 and 1.09 tested)
  2. Enable telnet
  3. Turn on boot_wait in the nvram \\
     nvram set boot_wait=on \\      nvram set wait_time=5    \\  nvram commit
  4. Unplug the power to the Simpleshare
  5. Upgrade the SimpleShare using Tftp. From Linux do the following command \\
     arping -f ip_address;atftp -p -l openwrt-brcm-47xx-squashfs.trx ip_address 
    then plug in the power to the simpleshare
  6. Wait for at least 5 minutes before rebooting or unpluging.

Required Packages

You will want to include the following packages in your build of OpenWRT.

  • kmod-ide
  • kmod-fs-ext3
  • kmod-block
  • kmod-block-mount

Useful Packages

  • kmod-block-ext
  • fdisk
  • mk2fs

Useful Information

  • backfirer23044 and trunk r23043 patches that enabled the 'failsafe' feature. The reset button as you know is hardwired and wont work to enter failsafe mode. To enter failsafe unplug device, plug back in, once the blue light comes on press the power button a few times, this will trigger failsafe mode.
  • r27005 - This patch fixes nvram overwriting issues. Ive fixed the offset for the nvram to the proper location. Now places the backup nvram into a partition 'nvram_copy'
  • Additional installation details here

Serial Port

Serial Port Information Useful for recovering a brick.

Change IP Address

edit the /etc/config/network file and change the IP in the eth0 section to a static IP of your choosing.

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