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This wiki is read only and for archival purposes only. >>>>>>>>>> Please use the new OpenWrt wiki at <<<<<<<<<<

這裡是 OpenWrt 的「新手指南」。請協助修改網頁內容讓它變得更好。謝謝! -richbhanover


本頁面 新手通往 OpenWrt 指南 是一份如何取得 OpenWrt 並安裝到您既有或新購的分享器的快速教學。而結果是您可以得到一台簡單易用、安全且多功能的分享器,提供您無線網路存取並透過您的ISP連結到網際網路。


本頁面仍在建構中 (Work In Progress)

This page (and those linked from this page) are designed to be clear guides for helping newcomers to install OpenWrt successfully.

The goal is to help people install a simple, secure, and functional image of OpenWrt that "just works", with a minimum of fuss. The criteria for success include:

  • Stable OpenWrt release with simple configuration:
    • WAN configured for their ISP
    • Wireless (2.4GHz and/or 5GHz) configured
    • Sane (and secure) firewall settings
  • Only use LuCI, never rely on the terminal/telnet/ssh
  • Be release agnostic
  • Include the important parts from:

If you want to help promote OpenWrt to newcomers, we need your help! Review these pages and update them so they are a clear guide.

在大多數的情況下,安裝 OpenWrt 是一個非常簡單的過程。下面4個頁面將幫助您:

  1. 下載並刷入 OpenWrt 韌體 到您的分享器。
  2. 登入到您的分享器並設置密碼,在您刷入韌體之後,OpenWrt 已經完成安裝,但是功能尚未完全。
  3. 設定並開啟 Wifi,分享器的Wifi網路預設是關閉的。
  4. 獲得故障排除資訊,如果您有 OpenWrt 安裝過程的相關問題。


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